What We Do

Our rescue is committed to saving and finding homes for the thousands of vulnerable kitten orphans that will die without our life saving intervention. We advocate education for sterilization and surrender prevention to end the kitten cycle. Our rescue is devoted to homeless kittens and providing the love and care they deserve.

We are a nonprofit rescue providing lifesaving support to kittens in need.

Every spring and summer, thousands of motherless neonate kittens are at risk of death on the streets and in animal shelters. Our rescue is committed to saving and finding homes for these vulnerable orphans facing impossible odds to survive. We offer adoption and foster care services for the America’s most vulnerable population today.
Why? Because all lives are important, no matter how small

Save Lives

We pull the most vulnerable cat populations from local “high kill” shelters and off the streets into foster care

Urgent Care

We provide lifesaving medical support to sick kittens in need.

Foster Care

Our foster caregivers provide temporary homes for orphaned, sick and injured kittens.

Find Homes

Our available pets are spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccines and flea preventation, microchipped with free chip registration.